UI & UX Research with Eye Tracking


UI/UX Research

We can help you build a solid foundation prior to the product launch.

UI and UX research works as the main framework of your product development. While it is really important, many companies still underestimate its value, resulting in a product failure. As the budget is limited, most companies don’t have in-house UI/UX research to participate in the product development. Our UI/UX research can solve those problems. 

We are a team of professional UI/UX researchers who have extensive skills and knowledge from cognitive psychology, marketing, computer science,
and analytical mind to turn the available data into useful information.

Our study is systematically made to provide powerful and unbiased insights from your customers. Serve as a bridge between the users and the product, our UI/UX research can reveal the user’s thoughts, values, needs, and behaviors. By implementing these insights, you can create nearly perfect experiences that meet or even exceed your customers  expectations. 

How This Study Can Help Your Business


  1. Assess Multiple Design Solutions

UI/UX research can provide data about how your end-user will use your product and what benefits that your product can offer to the customers. By combining various pieces of information, our study can help you decide between multiple design solutions, so you can deliver a better experience for the customers. 

  1. Improve your Product Design

This study can also help you map out your customers’ journey when using your product. By optimizing each step, you can decrease the learning curve and make it easier to use, especially for novice users. 

  1. Better Product Launch 

User research is a significant step in the product design cycle. It can help you eliminate unwarranted assumptions and unnecessary risks, enable you to move your product development toward the right direction, and launch your product with confidence.