Pricing Study and Brand-Price Trade-Off


Determine the right selling price to gain optimum revenue from your product.

This study aims to find out how much customers will pay for your product, the maximum price that you can offer to get the highest return of product investment while still in their price acceptance range.
Our multidisciplinary team has extensive experience in incorporating various methodologies to implement the most suitable approach for specific situations. Collaborating with your internal team,
we will help you develop a winning go-to-market strategy.
Starting from the initial process to the product launch, we can provide pricing thresholds that you can easily tweak during the process. Furthermore, we can also provide reliable price simulation
to help you identify the price competition in various different scenarios.
Understanding the impact of pricing and brand-price trade-offs, you can set an optimum price for your new product or existing product to acquire the maximum benefits from each product.

How This Study Can Help Your Business

  1. Competitive Positioning
    By using a pricing study, you can create a value map to position your product within the market. Going further, you can also identify pricing opportunities based on the true value of your product.
    The result can be used to determine your product selling price or what features that you should refine to top the competitor.
  2. Choose the Best Value-Price Product
    In case you have several product options with different benefits and costs, this study can also allow you to choose which product to be launched next based on the optimum pricing, packaging, and margin.
  3. Identify The Return on Product Investment
    We can also elaborate on a more specific study to give you an estimation of the revenue yield for each price point. The data can be used to redesign your manufacturing process and make it more effective or remove some features that may be not crucial for the customers.