Advertising and Media Research

Amanda amanda

6 Sept. 2023

Advertising and Media Research
Create the most effective ads that would resonate with your audiences. 

When both advertisers and in-house marketers bombard consumers with dozens of ads each day across various channels, most people are fed up with it.

“Too many, too intrusive, and not appealing.” While your target audiences already have preconceived opinions about ads, it is ten times harder to convey your brand message positively. 

Our advertising and media research can help you understand how your audiences react toward certain ads, which ones that they would love to see,and which media that you should use to send out your message. 

As this research can provide accurate measurement of the audiences, we can help you make precise decisions based on facts and statistics rather than intuitive feeling. Working closely with your marketing team from the early stage, we can immediately support your decision with the related data.

We are a team with a wide range of expertise and skills from marketing, media, researcher, psychology, and communication. Combining our extensive knowledge, we can design full-fledged advertising and media research to help you develop a soon-to-be viral campaign.

How This Study Can Help Your Business

  1. Launch a Successful Campaign
    Our comprehensive study can provide perspective from different target audiences which can be used to create a well-formed advertising strategy by optimizing the message, creativity, target audiences to the campaign launch date.  

  2. Trend Forecasting
    By forecasting what trend may happen in the near future, our team can help support your next campaign or product launch. 
  3. Ads Targeting Expansion
    Ads work like a key. Even if it matches a certain keyhole, it doesn’t necessarily fit another door. Before expanding your ads to broader audiences, it is important to implement advertising and media research as an initial test to increase your chance of success.