Packaging Research


Refine your product package to leave a stronger and everlasting brand impression to your customers.

Learn how certain package designs can create better brand experience for your customers and  make your product stand out from the competitors. Our research can help you evaluate your package design, select the most appealing design, and develop it to the highest standards. With a great package design, you can allure new consumers to try your product and increase the number of both leads and sales.

Our study is carefully composed to answer various questions about your product package, from what kind of design attracts the customer the most, purchase interest-based on the product package, competitive CPG landscape, and compatibility between the product package and your brand image.

By implementing a systematic study, we will create a reliable scoring model that can help you objectively rank your package and find the best design for your product launch.

We have a dedicated team to conduct qualitative and quantitative research through online and offline channels to let the consumers thoroughly assess the real package so you can gather comprehensive data that can help you identify the best package design for your product.

How This Study can Help Your Business

  1. Choose the Best Design
    When developing a package design for a product, most designers will create dozens of rough designs which would be filtered. By using packaging research, you can find which designs are better and more attractive to consumers.
  2. Tweak Your Package Design
    Evaluate the chosen design and improve it to give a better impression to the consumers – like if it makes people want to purchase the product, can easily distinguish your brand out of other products, and how they recall your product package when they need it.
  3. Redesign a Failure Package
    If there is something wrong with your current product package, packaging research can help you figure out what you should do to polish your product and create positive momentum for your product rather than shatter your brand image.