We help brands explore opportunities by understanding the market and their consumer.
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Market Exploration And Segmentation Study

Successfully introduce your product into the market by identifying the right target audience. By understanding…

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Usage & Attitude Study

Acquire the customers perspective about your product and service, then identify future opportunities…

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New Product Service Ideation And Development Study

New Product or Service Ideation and Development Study Generate various ideas and evaluate existing concept,…


We help brands in choosing the best alternatives, from concept, product, to advertising.
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Concept Testing

Concept Testing We help you identify the most potential concept that can be turned into a winning product.…

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Consumer Product Testing

Consumer Product Testing Help you launch an exceptional product that can conquer the market. As thousands…

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Packaging Research

Refine your product package to leave a stronger and everlasting brand impression to your customers.

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Pricing Study and Brand-Price Trade-Off

Determine the right selling price to gain optimum revenue from your product. This study aims to find…

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Advertising and Media Research

Create the most effective ads that would resonate with your audiences. When both advertisers and in-house…

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Sales Promotion & Testing Evaluation

Sales Promotion Testing and Evaluation, Develop a well-balanced sales promotion to win more customers…


We help brands in evaluating the performance of their marketing efforts.
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Customer Experience & Loyalty Study

Customer Experience & Loyalty Study We can help you increase customer loyalty and advocacy, also minimizing…

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Brand Health Check Study

Brand Health Check Study We support your business to become the market leader or innovative challenger.…

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Corporate Image Study

Corporate image corresponds to every aspect of your business. A positive corporate image can increase…

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UI & UX Research with Eye Tracking

We can help you build a solid foundation prior to the product launch. UI and UX research works as the…