Concept Testing


Concept Testing
We help you identify the most potential concept that can be turned into a winning product.
Going beyond discovering brilliant and out-of-the-box ideas, we can help you identify the supreme viable
concept that can give you the highest opportunity to be successful in the market.

Our study can disclose what the consumers genuinely feel about your product concept. Its strength, its
weakness, and whether they will choose it over your other concepts or even the competitors’. Going
further, you can also discover what’s the improvement that can be done to maximize adoption and market

As skilled market researchers with extensive experience, we can design personalized studies that can get
under your customers’ skins and bring out crucial information that you are searching for.

We combine both direct and indirect methods to gather various data from different perspectives. When
conducting face to face interviews, we have a flair for letting people open up and elaborate their true
voice towards your concept. If we gather the data from the online community, our team will professionally
guide the discussion with a clear objective to collect in-depth and beneficial feedback.

How This Study Can Help Your Business
1. Filter Out The Gold Concept

Great ideas are not always the best material for a winning product. Some are inapplicable, others
are not marketable. Concept testing puts your customer as the main direction. When you know
that people would care for your product concept, you can proceed to the next step with

2. Right Focus on The Concept Development
By using concept testing, you can find out what is lacking from your product concept, tweak it
where it needs improvement, and launch the best product concept that customers truly want and

3. Develop a Product Concept That Absolutely Would Sell
Finally, when you have a great product concept, it is only a matter of time to gain sales and