Corporate Image Study


Evaluate and enhance your corporate image to give a positive impact on your business. 

Corporate image corresponds to every aspect of your business. A positive corporate image can increase your corporate value, awareness, sales, and ultimately, revenue. As different customers have their own preferences when giving feedback, we will collaborate with your internal team to determine which methods are the most suitable for your audiences. 

Our team has a deep understanding of customer dynamics, so we can design customized studies to provide comprehensive data –
like how they react toward the different corporate, how they perceive your corporate image, and its impacts on their purchasing decision. 

When doing the study, we are meticulous and structured. Starting from learning about your objectives, we will outline the proposal on the timeline and costs, discuss our methodology, conduct the study, then interpret the result. Rather than rough data, we will give you actionable information and insights that you can use as a foundation to improve your corporate image. 

How This Study Can Help Your Business

  1. Build a Positive Image

After learning your company’s values and visions, we can help you identify your strong points that appeal to the general public. Rather than showing a generic corporate image,
we will focus on your own story and make your brand stay ahead from the competitors. .  

  1. Present a Trustworthy Corporate Image

Our study can help you gather your customer’s honest feedback and thoughts, the things that are important for them and how you can present your corporation as a
dependable and trustworthy business.

  1. Emphasize Your Key Features

Going deeper into the study, you can also find out what main features are being associated with your corporate image. Rather than trying to market and develop all features, you can focus on your key features and use them as the main foundation to build your corporate image.