Brand Health Check Study


Brand Health Check Study
We support your business to become the market leader or innovative challenger.

Brand health check can help your company to stay ahead of the current market, either by improving your product and customer experience based on customer feedback or become the innovative challenger by disrupting the current market.

When conducting the study, we combine various methods from social listening, survey, customer feedback to focus group discussion. By doing so, we can provide in-depth and accurate information that can definitely fulfill your purpose.
Collaborating with your team, we will use the most suitable metrics that are aligned with your main objectives. After gathering the data, we also organize it, turn the data into useful information that you can use immediately to improve your brand metrics across all channels.

Our team has vast experience in working with businesses from various industries. Furthermore,we also have an aptitude for precision and perfection so you can expect an excellent result from our study.

How This Study Can Help Your Business
1. Performance Monitoring

By using the brand health check study, you can also evaluate your brand keys metrics, share, and brand equity against the competitor. This data can be used as a foundation to define your next goals and business strategy.

2. Identify Brand Image and Positioning
Our comprehensive study can also help you to find both semantic and esthetic
information. By defining your brand image, you will know the perception of your brand  from the customers and general public's points of view. You can also obtain information  about your brand positioning, relative to the competitor.

3. Evaluate Marketing Activities
When running a campaign, you should know whether your advertisements have a similar message to other companies or not. This study can also help to position your campaign in the right place and at the right time, being stand out from the competitors.