Sales Promotion & Testing Evaluation

Amanda amanda

6 Sept. 2023

Sales Promotion Testing and Evaluation


Develop a well-balanced sales promotion to win more customers in a short period.
Sales promotion is all about balance. The key is to create an intriguing deal that would help you achieve your marketing goals without threatening your business sustainability in the long run. Our sales promotion and testing study can help you evaluate your sales promotion, its impact on your business, and how to adjust the term to optimize the final result. 

Our study is an end-of-end test from pretesting, concurrent testing to post-testing. Before launching a sales promotion, we will help you conduct a test to find out customers’ perception of the promotion and how it affects their behaviors. Working closely with your sales team, we help you monitor the result on a weekly or monthly basis and whether adjustments are required or not. After the promotion ends, we organize a post-testing to evaluate the impact of your sales promotion in the long run. 

Whether it is to achieve short-term goals, increase brand awareness, recognition & interaction to shape purchasing behaviour, we can elaborate our study to perfectly meet your business objective. 

How This Study Can Help Your Business

  1. Maximize ROI

Sales promotion requires a considerable amount of budget. Great promotion on the perfect timing with a clear message can give you a satisfying result while a little error can shatter everything. By using our sales promotion and testing evaluation, you can obtain optimum ROI with minimum investment risks. 

  1. Optimize your Sales Promotion System

When the sales promotion is in progress, it is important to analyze the data and tweak it to match your objective. Our team can help you make the right decision to optimize your sales promotion system and acquire the result that you want or even more. 

  1. Assess the Sales Promotion Performance

By using our tools and skills, we can also help you determine whether a sales promotion is a success or not, should you launch it again in the future, and what aspects that can be improved to reach a better result.