Usage & Attitude Study


 Acquire the customers perspective about your product and service, then identify future opportunities to perfectly market your product.

This study can provide comprehensive data about your customer from their needs, habits, attitudes to
preferences. By using the collected data, you can identify your market position, brand presence, and
competitor’s products that can be a challenge for your brand.

The result from our study is multi-dimensional as we use various approaches when gathering the data
from the face-to-face to online survey, quantitative or qualitative approaches. Depending on your
objectives and target audiences, we will choose the most effective methodology that matches your budget.

Instead of compiling superficial knowledge, we try to emerge into your audiences’ minds, step into their
shoes and discover things that can truly determine their purchasing decision.

Our study is designed to be flexible, accepting new input and ideas from your team, and can be used as a
solid foundation to execute your brand strategy roadmap. Thus, help you to achieve your main goals and

How This Study Can Help Your Business

1. Develop Perfect Message for Your Campaign
We give you broad and deep information about your customers’ needs. By understanding specific
attitudes from different consumer segments toward your brand, you can tailor an enticing
message that can captivate your audience.


2. Positioning Your Brand in The Top of Market
Our Usage and Attitude Study can also help contextualize your brand against the competitor. By
optimizing your brand strength, we can help you move forward to the best position - whether by
focusing to increase your advantage or differentiating your value.

3. Diagnose Your Brand’s Strength
Working closely with your product and marketing team, we can help you identify the main selling
point of your brand and how you can use it to win the tight competition.