Strategic Advisory & Transformation

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DKstratt is a professional and experienced marketing advisor in the area of data, knowledge, strategy and transformation. 

We believe that in a competitive landscape, price-quality approach will not always work, since consumer behavior cannot be explained merely from a rational point of view. 

However, although consumers are not always rational, the results of marketing efforts should be accountable and in most cases, rational. There are marketing objectives that can be measured statistically and financially.

What we do?

  • Exploring opportunities in the current and future business situations.
  • Determining metrics, strategies and actions in marketing areas.
  • Using consumer and market data to enable strategic and tactical decisions.
  • Developing acquisition, retention and optimization programs.
  • Planning and implementing strategic marketing campaigns.
  • Reviewing budget, forecast and return on marketing investment.
  • Implementing a variety of product and pricing strategies.
  • Building, monitoring and revitalizing brands.
  • Integrating marketing programs in a relevant experiential mix.
  • Conducting marketing and sales performance audit for a better acquisition rate.