How Long Does It Take to Do Marketing Research


How Long Does It Take To do Marketing Research: Focus Group Discussion

Typically, a market research project will take around 6 -7 weeks. On the other hand, large projects may take a longer time, especially if you need comprehensive data from a large sample. Here is the typical schedule of a marketing research project. 

  1. Week 1

Project introduction, define what data that should be gathered, how many sample sizes are needed, the sources of participants, and other things. If you use the service of a market research company, it is the right time to getting known with the agency’s team and ensure that they understand your objectives and goals for this project.


  1. Week 2-3

Whether you use interview or focus group discussion, you need to create a discussion guide to determine the directions of your market research. At this time, the agency will also help you recruit participants based on the pre-determined requirements. 


  1. Week 4-5

After preparing for the participants and discussion guide, it is time to conduct the research. Generally, conducting a four discussion group may only take one week. While doing other types of researches may take up to 2 weeks. 


  1. Week 6-7

Now, you have gathered all the data that you need. But data is only a data if you can’t turn it into an actionable plan. Write an easy-to-understand report of your market research that you can use for your business activities.


How Long Does It Take To do Marketing Research: Online Survey

Compared to the interview and focus group discussion, using an online survey may take less effort and time. The typical schedule would be like this : 

  1. Week 1

Project introduction, including define objectives, goals, and list of participants. 

  1. Week 2

Prepare for the question, double-check, and pre-test to ensure it can give the result that you want. 

  1. Week 3

Adjust and optimize questions for the survey. 

  1. Week 4

Close the survey, write the summary, and report. 

Then again, the schedule above is only an estimation. There might be unforeseen circumstances that make it longer or even shorter. Need a professional agency to help your market research? Deka Insight has a team of professionals with diverse skills to help your market research and achieving your business objective