Irma Malibari

Managing Director


Irma has worked in research and consultancy for nearly 29 years. Starting her career as UNICEF researcher, she continues her career in SRI (former AC Nielsen Indonesia) to deepen her knowledge and then to consumer product company to see the research implementation in client’s side. Finding the fact that she is very passionate about the research industry, Irma wanted to contribute more.

In 1993, she founded DEKA Marketing Research and Consultancy and started the company with only 3 people. Many days have passed and now DEKA Insight & Solutions has 50 talented researchers and 1,000 employees under its roof including Field, DP and Support Staffs. Even with the successful achievements that have been attained, she does not stop there. In 2014, Irma expands her business by forming DEKA Group which consists of several business units ranging from research to business advisory and innovation.